Weed Mat

Anti Weed Mat

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Anti Weed Mat Manufacturers

Weed Control Mat

Weed control mat enhances the beauty of garden, save ground by covering and control weed. We are weed control mat and weed control fabric manufacturers and supplier in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Weed mat 100 gsm can be used in both open fields and greenhouses which prevents weeds growth, reduces herbicide usage, helps conserve water, strong and durable – supports movement on the weed mat and boosts plant growth. weed mat can also be used to create darkness effects and to be customized to cover the root zone of trees in orchards and plantations.

Committed to Quality & Excellence

Krupex believes in ‘caring for farms and farmers’ by offering innovative farming solutions that are in line with farmers’ aspirations. Krupex has introduced an extensive range of protected farming techniques and innovative products over the years with an objective to improve farm productivity and quality to increase farm income.
Weed mat Quality Description
  • High tensile strength
  • UV resistant
  • long Durable
  • High quality with anti UV
  • It has the advantage of strong tensile resistance, anti uv and easy to transport
  • Widely used for agriculture farms and home garden to restrain the grass growing
  • So you don’t need to use any chemical for ground
Weed mat Benefits
  • Weeding, effectively inhibiting weed growth.
  • Breathing, improving soil aggregate structure.
  • Water seepage, effectively reducing labor.
  • Environmentally friendly and degradable.
  • Moisturizing, heat preservation and fat retention.
  • Effectively reduce pests and diseases
  • Ground cover
  • Weed mat
  • Widely used for agriculture farms and home garden to restrain the grass growing
  • Idea for Nurseries and greenhouses to prevent the weed growth
  • Allows water penetration
Product Details


Minimum Order Quantity300 Square Meter
Material100% Virgin Material
Type Of PropertyPure Virgin Uv Stabalised
BrandKrupex India
Usage / Application To Control Weed
Size ApplicationTo Control Weed Square Meter
Life7 Years Approx
Packaging Type Roll Form
Delivery Ahmedabad Godown
Dispatch All Over India Supply
SR No. Size (Meter) Total Sq. Meter Roll Size
1 1.2mtr * 100mtr 120 Sq. Mtr.
2 1.5mtr * 100mtr 150 Sq. Mtr.
3 2mtr * 100mtr 200 Sq. Mtr.
4 3mtr * 100mtr 300 Sq. Mtr.
5 4.2mtr * 100mtr 420 Sq. Mtr.
6 5.2mtr * 100mtr 525 Sq. Mtr.